We don't beat around the bush!

Rely on us for landscaping services in Kasson, MN

We've all been there or known someone who has. Homeowners and renters fall on hard times or face health issues that prevent them from caring for their property in the manner required. This situation can become particularly troublesome when the city or a landlord gets involved. That's why Nonprofit Wrench is here in Kasson Minnesota and serving the area of SE Minnesota, providing free charitable yard work, like mowing and trimming, giving those in need of assistance a little piece of mind and freedom to focus on more important problems they may be facing.

How can we maintain your lawn?

A lot goes into providing landscaping services. We're able to come in and:

  • Trim the weeds to make everything look beautiful
  • Adjust your lawn to make it comply with local regulations
  • Mow your entire lawn to ensure your grass grows evenly

Like all of our other services, lawn maintenance with us is free, so you don't have to worry about finances. Call us today to arrange for lawn mowing services.