Get Rid Of Your Things ASAP

Depend on us for refuse removal services in Kasson, MN and the greater Rochester area

Sometimes the garbage gets out of hand, or there's a recliner that needs to go, and these problems can be particularly vexing for someone in poverty or with a disability that has no other help and no money for disposal fees. In desperation it's common for these items to become dumped on city streets. As a charitable service Non-Profit Wrench Inc are here in Kasson, Minnesota and the greater Rochester area, we're here to alleviate this issue for those in need living in the surrounding areas. So whether its an old moldy mattress or someone who has been trapped by the garbage in their house we're here to serve and in so doing improve their quality of life.

Why should you hire us to remove your items?

Moving your junk without the proper assistance can be a complete hassle. By having us take on the refuse removal, we can:

  • Help you avoid unnecessary injury
  • Prevent you from hauling everything to a landfill
  • Reduce the chances of damaging your property or vehicle

We can handle all the heavy lifting for you. Call us today to take advantage of our furniture removal services.

When to call us for refuse removal services

Do you need help moving heavy furniture out of your bedroom, living room or basement? Do you have a garage full of junk that needs emptying? Turn to Nonprofit Wrench for free refuse removal services in Kasson, MN and the greater Rochester area. You should reach out to us if:

  • You need help removing junk from your home
  • You aren't able to clean your home alone
  • You keep losing essential items in your home
  • You don't have the budget to hire a professional for furniture removal services

Don't put off the refuse removal services you need. Reach out to us now at 507-696-3461.